Halle Berry

Halle Berry may not be a personality that you'd think belonged here but if you think further; ok, not even that further you will find a woman that can perfectly and sublimely translate into the screen a female character that holds an incredible amount of suppressed passion and want.

Such passion has rarely been represented as greatly as it has in the film Monster's Ball. It is not an obvious choice; let's not miss the point here. The most fiery scene of this film was complete art - the art of copying a reality that is deemed weak, primitive, embarrassing and profane. On the screen she was a lonesome widow who was left alone with her obese child for months after her husband was imprisoned and sentenced to death. She ends up unwittingly meeting the executor and after the attraction between them built up, together with their sexual desperation, they perform the most intense and visceral love scene of the American cinema.

Monster's Ball (2001) earned Ms Berry an Oscar and let me tell you that despite her over dramatic speech she deserved it. It was also speculated that she only won because she was not white but anyone who thinks that should quite simple watch the film. Halle Berry Grabs her character Leticia by the neck and makes her show to the world how a woman devoid of love and affection and sexual friction acts when faced with her last chance of having a piece of happiness and sexual dignity.

Also in this film you can see one of the most socio-realistic and unashamed lines of modern American cinema as Leticia tells her dying son: "you can't be fat and black in America".

Below a series of stills of the rather convincing act. Pay attention to the static body language if you can, especially those hands gripping the hair chest. "Make me feel good"

you can watch and HEAR the full clip here


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