Lykke Li

Utterly begging for it

"Dont pull your pants before I go down
Don't turn away this is my time
Dont make demands I dont take none
Just say a prayer that it gone get done
Dont pull your pants before I go down"

Lykke seems to have lost her innocence in her latest single but in fact she never had any. Youth Novels, her first album was an endearing and sweet album though most lyrics clearly had sexual undertones. The single Little Bit was about a girl who despite being desperate for love and affection could not let herself go in the name of her rationality and pride. Hiding therefore that sexual need that is so, so healthy.

"Hands down
I'm too proud, for love
But with eyes shut
It's you I'm thinking of
And for you I keep my legs apart
And forget about my tainted heart
And I will never ever be the first
To say it's still a, Game over
Ah ah ah
I would do it
Push a button
Pull a trigger
Climb a mountain
Jump off a cliff
Cause you know baby I love you love you
A little bit"

By listening to her songs you can pretty much figure out what women feel like when they're in love and when they seek a little comfort in the arms of someone else. Nonetheless Likke doesn't forget that intimacy is more than just a basic need but a girl's both duty and right.

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